Virtue Vintage Custom Designs

We desire to create custom designs that show off your own personal style. You can choose from many different options or send in your own personal bead selection or vintage centerpiece to be used in the custom design. If you choose to mail us your own hand selected beads and/or vintage centerpiece please mail them to us at: Virtue Vintage P.O. Box 1065 Seaside, CA 93955. Please see the below list of possible options or contact us with your own suggestions in the form under the "Contact" tab.

Clasp Options: Toggle (Sterling Silver, Pewter, Antique Gold Plate, Antique Copper Plate), Lobster (14Kt Gold, Sterling Silver, Silver Plated, Gold Plated), Springing (14Kt Gold, 14Kt Gold Filled, Sterling Silver), Torpedo and Barrel (Sterling Silver, Silver Plated, Gold Plated) Filigree Fishhook (Sterling Silver), Hook-style (Sterling Silver), and Hook-and-Eye (Gold Plated, Silver Plated).

Stringing Options: Macrame (Copper, Taupe, Brown, Purple, Brown, Green, Turquoise, Black), Nylon Twisted Cord (White, Red, Pink, Antique Gold, Green, Blue, Turquoise, Baby Blue, Silver Blue, Purple, Brown, Black), Bonded Nylon Thread (White, Red, Peach, Green, Turqoise, blue, Dark Blue, Orchid,, Purple, Light Brown, Dark Brown,Black), and Leather Cord (Tan, Black, Chocolate Brown).

Wire Options: 24Kt Gold Plated Over Stainless Steel, Sterling Silver With Nylon Coating, 100% brass wire, Stainless Steel Twisted Wire, Sterling Silver, 12Kt Gold Filled, and Colored Stainless Steel (White, Red, Pink, Gold, Blue, Purple, Multicolored, Silver, Black).

Chain Options: Sterling Silver, Gold Plated, Rose Gold Plated, Antiqued Gold Plated, and Copper.

Spacer Options: Round Beads (Sterling Silver, Gold Plated), Tube Curved (Sterling Silver, Gold Plated), Rondelles (Sterling Silver, Antique Gold Plated, Antique Copper Plated, Antique Pewter, Antique Brass, Square with Rinestones), and Filigree Round (Sterling Silver, Gold Plated), Rose Beads (Sterling Silver).

Jumpring Options: Sterling Silver, Gold plated, and 14Kt Gold Filled.

Centerpiece Options: Crystal (Round, Teardrops, Marquise, Donuts, Open Squares, Moons, Stars, Hearts, Flowers, Butterflies, Snowflakes, Rectangles, Bears, Crosses), Glass (Ovals, Teardrops, Round, Heart, Assorted Animals, Ribbons, Candy Shapes, Rectangles, Triangles, Crosses), Gemstones, Sterling Silver Pendants, and Gold Plated Pendants.

Porcelain Bead Options: Flowers (White with Red, Red, Orange with Red, Yellow with Red, Light Blue with Red, Green with Red), Butterflies (Multicolored, Brown with Pink, Blue with Pink, Light Blue with Dark Blue, White with Pink), Brown Dogs, Fish (White/Blue/Orange Birds, Blue/White/Black), Turtles (Blue, Black, Pink, Green, Purple, Brown), Chickens, Cats, Owls, Mice, Cows, Ovals (Assorted Colors, and Squares (Assorted Colors).

Glass Bead Options: Round (Orange/Black/Yellow, Black/Green/White, Red/Orange/Yellow/White, Green/White/Gold Foil, Black/White, Brown/Blue/White/Clear and Gold Foil, Orange/Blue/Gold Foil.)

Gemstone Options: Amazonite, Kashgar Garnet, Fossil Coral, Green Opal, Amber, Resin, Yellow Jasper, Jade, Turqoise, Red Jasper, Amethyst, Cherry Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Carved Bone.

Swarovski Options: Assorted Shapes, Sizes, and Colors.

Metal Options: Sterling Silver, Silver Plated, Gold Filled, 14Kt Gold Plated, Copper, and Pewter.  

Charm Options: Assorted Shapes, Antique Silver, Antique Gold, Pewter, and Silver Plated.

Pearl Options: Assorted Sizes and Shapes, White, Pink, Light Peach, Ivory, Light Blue, Turquoise Blue, Mint Green, Light Yellow, Lilac, Bronze, Medium Pink, PEach, Silver, Pewter, Teal, Beige, and Assorted Colors.